Birthday Parties

A regular birthday party is for up to 20 kids and lasts an hour plus enough wiggle room to make sure everyone is painted. With larger parties of 20-30 kids, we can stick to the speedy cheek paintings, or go up to an hour-and-a-half and bring out 
all the choices. Your call!

Party Examples: For a party of eight 8-year old girls, each girl got a full face paint and an arm paint. They were all close friends and fascinated and stayed at the table watching each other for the full hour.

For a party of eighteen 4 to 7-year old girls and boys, everyone got at least one paint, and the older girls wanted two. Face painting was one of several stations the kids could participate in at the party. 

Planning a pool party? Please bear in mind that face paint will wash off in water. That said, I've happily painted at many pool parties, but what I suggest is having me come at the end of the party, rather than at the beginning. 

"Thank you again for the great face-painting at my daughter's birthday party. It was a special treat for all of them and they loved their beautiful butterfly faces!"
-- Kim 

Paintings I Offer

  • 40 Full Face choices include: Butterflies, Superheroes, Tigers, Princesses, Dragons, Mardi Gras Masks 
  • 40 Half Face choices include: Flowers, Penguins, Butterflies, Chompy Sharks, Elephants
  • 40 Arm choices include: Skull & Crossbones, Roses, T-Rexes, Alligators, Snakes, Swords, Dolphins 

Let me know if you're having a theme party! I have several displays available for specific themes, including an awesome superhero display with a wide variety of characters.

Other Things You Might Like to Know

I've been face painting professionally since 2005 (which I just realized, is quite awhile!) I'm insured and use only top-of-the-line professional cosmetic face paint. It's an antibacterial and hypoallergenic water-based stage makeup that comes right off in soap and water. 

I don't recommend painting on children under two years of age, as they are too likely to rub it off, rub it in their eyes, flail around like a crazy monkey (this is what my toddler would do), etc. Four and up seems to be a good age to appreciate a face painter at a birthday party. 


Please contact me at tinaconnolly at gmail dot com for pricing and availability. Let me know the time, location, and size of your event. (Approximate neighborhood is fine - I just need to have an idea of my commuting time for scheduling!)

"The kids had a real blast and it created some good fun at the party as well as some wonderful photos. I will definitely recommend you to those I know."
-- Christina 
"We received so many compliments for you. Everyone loved you!"
-- Jennifer and Jeff 
"You ROCK!"
 -- Molly, teacher