School Festivals & Corporate Events

ice princess
Industry standard speed in face painting is 12-15 kids an hour. But what if you have a lot of kids and a short window? I have a special set of speedy designs. When I use my 40 fastest designs, I can paint over 30 kids an hour. If you're wanting to offer face painting for free, consider that you will have a large number of takers. I have a lot of experience working large events, and trust me, speed makes all the difference. A short line is a happy line. 

Examples: Rivermark Credit Union (lovely people!) had a booth at the Hawthorne Street Fair and wanted to offer free face painting. It was sunny and there were loads of people out. I brought my special set of designs and in 4 hours painted over 120 kids of potential customers -- as opposed to the industry standard of 50. 

"Tina was fabulous at our Harvest Festival event. Kids raved over the designs they could choose from, and more than one parent commented on how fast Tina was able to get kids through the line. She was great!" 
-- Kirsten, Hiteon Elementary PTC Board 

Company Picnics

green monster
I paint for many company picnics and BBQs, ranging from small gatherings at private houses up to all-day onsite events for large corporations. I bring my displays of 100 choices and do a mix of all sorts of cheek, face, and arm paintings, for both children and adults. I love these events because there's often time to create long involved designs, like a detailed anime character, or a large painting of swallows all up and down a girl's arm. 

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Paintings I Offer

  • 40 Full Face choices include: Butterflies, Superheroes, Tigers, Princesses, Dragons, Mardi Gras Masks 
  • 40 Half Face choices include: Flowers, Penguins, Butterflies, Chompy Sharks, Elephants
  • 40 Arm choices include: Skull & Crossbones, Roses, T-Rexes, Alligators, Snakes, Swords, Dolphins 
The 40 Speedy Choices are chosen from my regular designs, so they are just as elaborate as the examples you see on the front page. I've just selected the absolute fastest cheeks and arms. 

And more! I happily do special requests, especially if you have a picture. Individual special requests have included school mascots, animated characters, and people's pets. For corporate special requests, let me know what you need ahead of time and I'll bring it (for example, I created peach and berry designs for the Peach Festival at New Seasons.) 

Other Things You Might Like to Know

I've been face painting professionally since 2005. I'm insured and use only top-of-the-line professional cosmetic face paint. It's an antibacterial and hypoallergenic water-based stage makeup that comes right off in soap and water. 


Please contact me at tinaconnolly at gmail dot com for pricing and availability. Let me know the time, location, and size of your event. (Approximate neighborhood is fine - I just need to have an idea of my commuting time for scheduling!)

"Your face/arm painting was amazing and it really made the party. Sooo many compliments."
-- Lisa  
"You were the hit of the party!"
-- Suzie with JR Johnson & Dennis Harding Painting
"You were awesome!"
-- Nikki, corporate BBQ organizer extraordinaire