tina connolly
Hi! I'm Tina. I'm originally from Lawrence, Kansas, which is a great little college town. My husband and I moved to Portland in 2005 and we love it. And now, we have two small children! 

I started face painting in junior high when my mom bought me this great face painting kit from Klutz. It's got lots of fun paintings and good advice. Definitely recommended. I painted at my siblings' school fairs (I'm the oldest of four), and then did a bunch of birthday parties and murals for family friends while in college. 

I started painting professionally in 2005, after I met a brilliant New Orleans face painter traveling through town on her festival circuit. She trained me in Mardi Gras-style face painting, which I have incorporated into my current style today.

I love working as a face painter! I get to meet lots of cool people. Besides the actual painting, my other favorite part of the job is talking to kids about things they love, whether that's art or penguins or tarantulas or monster trucks.

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photo copyright Caroline M. Yoachim